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It is our clear ambition to run this Visiting School over the course of several years where we seek to develop a knowledge about fabrication and patterns, which are to be considered to be at the state of the art of the field of architecture & design. Furthermore we want for people to leave the Visiting School having gained a new and novel knowledge about architectural making and theory, which they can continue to use in their practice or in the remaining years of their study. This means that our group of tutors will be available throughout the time of the Visiting School to aid the attendees, if any problems should arise.

We hope that through our continued work within this field, we will be able to contribute to the ongoing architectural discussion on parametrics, pattern making and fabrication.

Students learning goals:

1 – Advanced use of new software
2 – New critical theoretical knowledge
3 – Expanded network
4 – New fabrication knowledge
5 – Different understanding of the notion of “patterns”
6 – Novel knowledge about the affects of fabrication on the architectural quality
7 – 1:1 fabrication

It is very important for us that the gained knowledge will be applicable in the attendees future architectural career, and we believe that they will be able to apply this in practice/future studies:

1 – Increased modelling speed
2 – Higher complexity of design
3 – Being able to embed their designs with external factors such as climate.
4 – Higher flexibility when doing design changes.

Copyright belongs to The Architectural Association and the AA_Aarhus Visiting School.