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For the Visiting School we have chosen to work with a software that is slowly becoming the standard in architectural education and practice, that of Rhinoceros & Grasshopper, and we will therefore mainly be working in Windows. Rhinoceros is a nurbs modelling software, which is very easy to customize, and Grasshopper, a plugin for Rhinoceros, is a graphical algorithmic modelling software. Where it is possible to create associative and flexible 3D-models. Grasshopper was made in such a way that it was easy to develop custom tools and additional plugins for it. The VS will emphasise the use of ready available plugins for Grasshopper which ranges from; structural analysis, environmental analysis, form-finding and genetic optimization.

Even though the above sounds complex, there is no requirement to have advanced knowledge of Rhinoceros or the workflow of Grasshopper. It is our clear ambition to establish a base level of Rhino and Grasshopper knowledge. If some attendees have advanced knowledge with Rhino &/or Grasshopper and want to learn more about some specific  topic, which could be scripting then our teaching staff is fully capable to adapt to such requirements.

We chose to work with this interrelated package instead of a more well reqognised analysis package, because we are designers and architects, and are solely using all analysis output as a guide within our design process. Where the described package is by far the fastest and easiest to implement.

We would like for all attendees to be prepared for the Visiting School when they register, by having the most recent version of Rhino and Grasshopper installed on their computer, along side grasshopper plugins such as;
Kangaroo, Milipede & Ladybug.
There is a free 90-day trial version of Rhino available through this link, and there is highly discounted licenses available for those who will attend the Visiting School. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information about these discounted licenses.

Copyright belongs to The Architectural Association and the AA_Aarhus Visiting School.